Full membership of the AMUSF is open to all practitioners within the crafts of Upholstery and Soft Furnishers who are based in the UK. Membership is held by the company not an individual although it is recognized that many may well be sole traders rather than larger limited companies.

Why join AMUSF?

Use of AMUSF crest on your stationery, signage, vehicles

Upon joining the AMUSF, you will be given the privilege of using our AMUSF crest on your stationery, signage and vehicles to let others know that you are a member of the AMUSF.

Dedicated member page on the AMUSF directory

Once you become a member, we will create a Directory page for you, if you navigate to the Consumer Site and go to Member Directory > Find a member, you will see a business directory for AMUSF members.

Access to the AMUSF Fabric Buying Scheme

The Fabric Buying Scheme allows members to purchase fabrics at a discount from supplier accounts that they do not have themselves.

Access to discounts

If you’d like to learn more about the AMUSF discounts on insurance and other products, please contact us.

AMUSF Approved Training Qualifications

The AMUSF qualifications major on the skills and techniques required in both Upholstery and Soft Furnishing and which will lay the foundations, with additional practice and experience for future employment or considering starting your own small business.

The Upholstery Qualification is delivered in three stages with each stage being a qualification in its own right and will be certificated separately. The Soft Furnishing qualification is a single stage. These qualifications can only be delivered buy an AMUSF Approved Training Centre.